Playing with AppBar in Flutter

Hello flutter geeks this is the series of Flutter where I will write blogs on Flutter development. So, basically I publish articles on regularly. So let’s start with this article that is Playing with Appbar in flutter. This is my first blog on flutter this article is the part of Today I Learnt category. Let’s start Here is the video tutorial Introduction to Appbar As you know that every component in flutter is a widget so Appbar is also a widget that contains the toolbar in flutter application. [Read More]

Get current location using GPS instead of Google place picker API

According to the policy of google the place picker is depreciated in January and the new version of place picker is available but it’s very difficult and confusing. So I have to find a new approach to get a full current location without using google place picker API. After some research, I got nothing special and then I experimented with my own logic. This article is part of Today I Learn Category. [Read More]