5 reasons why I am writing

A journey of my writing starts today

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Hey Bloggers i am new in writing. I heard about writing that writing is an art that express the feeling and emotions. So basically i think that should i writing. Here, According to me these below things should improved and increases by writing. This is my first article in my life. Let’s starts the journey of writing from today.

1) Improving communication skills

The Communication skills is must for every peoples. It learnt that how to treat with peoples at different situations most probably peoples don’t know that how they treat at different situation so that’s they are confused to confess any thing. During writing every person must keep in mind that what i have to write that attract the people to read this article/book/novel etc. So writing is important to build better communication skills in a person.

2) Expressing yourself

Some peoples are very talented they know that how treats with peoples but they doesn’t know that how to show their talent and they become confused and very shy full every time in their life. So writing also express yourself that they writing different articles and shared their knowledge to other peoples and decreases their shyness and they become very expressive and peoples knows their talents. Some times peoples should have to expressing their self so writing is best option to express yourself that shows that i am exist in the world😉.

3) Habit of writing

Peoples thinks that writing is difficult and they don’t write and that’s true that writing is difficult but if we are started to writing any thing then it becomes the habit and then it’s like and game. So first time every is difficult but some time it will be easy and joy full.

4) Improve English

Peoples should have grammar mistake in their English but if we started writing about any thing then slowly slowly our English grammar mistakes will be decrease and got an idea about writing and using more simple words during writing.

5) Online profile and exposure

Now a days writing is important for every person it will creates the opportunities to step through the success because writing now days shows your skills to analyzing about new things.