How many hours I should code daily

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Coding is an art that develops the skills of human brain and it tends to think about algorithms and logic. According to me, It’s an addiction.

I have one and half year of coding experience. When I got confused in any algorithm problem then I starts feeling bad and my mood is very bad and very angry the whole day until I am solving it.

So here are some following things that will understand first.

Coding with concentration

Sometimes people think that coding is difficult and they thinks that we are not able to be a good programmer but according to my perspective nothing is difficult. Everything is possible so here we are talking about coding.

So basically coding is based on practice and concentration. If anyone is doing coding then your full concentration on it because according to science if your concentration is broken then your thinking is broken and you’ll be disturbed. So basically if anyone is writing code then keep in mind that your full concentration on it nothing else at same time.*

How many hours of coding to build the programming skills daily.

Let’s started this portion with a short story the story is about thinking

According to the quote of Albert Einstein. “Imagination is important then knowledge”

It is the story about Einstein’s brain. A crazy scientist Thomas Harvey that research on Einstein’s brain and he found the result that in the brain of Einstein there are parallel cells that work together while the normal human’s brain has only one cell that passes neuron it means that the brain of Einstein is more powerful and faster than a normal human’s brain. It’s all about thought, try to think hard and hard thinking makes your mind faster and powerful but thinks position things, not garbage things. So basically, programming means to think.

According to me if we start doing coding then at least one hour is wasting to understand that what’s going on. So basically 3 to 5 hours daily coding is enough for developing skills but keep in mind there is no gap between these hours. One more thing that related to programming is that try to think hard and hard about programming in that section.


The conclusion of this article is that to know the power of thinking and share my experience about developing programming skills.

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