About me

Hello, I am Aminullah Taj Muhammad from Pakistan. I am currently lived in Karachi. I’m a programmer by choice. I have work experience with languages like C++, Java. I am basically C++ programming, Web Designer, Android Develepor developed many project and applications for learning. I am currently doing Android Application Development with Kotlin. I am also a writer wrote articles about my life experience and my professional experience on Medium. Medium is a writing platform where peoples share their experiences.

I am very passionate about the open source community where programmers share their experience and make thing easy for beginners and for experts. I also contribute programming experience on Github. Github is a platform for programmers where programmers share their code for the public. Github is very addicted. I am very excited and feel happy to share my code on GitHub and helps beginners. I recently contribute on the hactoberfest challenge where I contribute 5 contributions on GitHub and get T-Shirts and stickers from Github, Hacktoberfest and Digital Ocean. I suppose it’s a kind of support from GitHub. Here is a picture of hactoberfest T-shirt and Stickers.

I am studying Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Indus University. I am in 3nd Year.